Week four: Reflection

The Look has provided such an amazing story, in which my group and I have discovered over the last few weeks. It has taken me to another world filled with, photos, hospital visits and famous fashion designers. Each chapter was captivating and had me on the end of my seat, throughout each page, sentence and word. If I was told, this book would make me excited, appreciative and inspired I wouldn’t have believed them. But now, after four weeks, of reading, creating and discussing  I have understood the true meaning of The Look and through this I have been inspired to always be positive and to follow my dreams.

Ted…tall, 16 and the next top model. Her journey was absolutely outstanding and I was so excited to see how she developed as a person and as a sister. Although Ted wasn’t diagnosed with cancer, her story, I believe, was just as inspirational and heartfelt as Ava’s. She pursued her goal of cheering up Ava and making her life worth living, by doing something she had never experienced before. Through this I learnt that no matter what you do in life, it should make you happy and this is what The Look is all about.

I have never met someone who is so happy, no matter is she has a 90% chance of living from a serious illness or she is receiving chemotherapy that morning, than Ava. Without her, Ted would have never agreed to contact Simon in the first place, let alone fly to New York to become the next top model, knowing your sister needs you more than anything back home. She was the heart and sole of Ted’s career and always helped Ted in the toughest moments, when really, Ava was the one needing support. She persisted and was optimistic about things most people wouldn’t and was handling her life as well as Ted’s, possibly better than anyone. From the popular, glamorous sister in the first chapter, Ava has developed into the strong, encouraging girl she was in the last page, the person who survived through many tough battles.

The Look has been such a wonderful read, giving me worries, goosebumps and happy tears all in one. It was a story filled with inspiration, desire and most of all hope, bringing a family together after a 22 hour flight to New York and 4 stages of chemotherapy.  No matter what happens in life, you must be happy and that means being with the ones you love, and that is what The Look has pursued through it’s 230 pages of inspiration, the importance of happiness.

Lit circles has been such a fun experience this year and I loved the creativity side of activities and how each person can share their knowledge and understanding about the book each week. The Look, was an amazing read and I loved the different ways you could express your feelings about the book and I definitely think this The Look would be a great novel to remain in Lit circles next year. I recommend this book to stay because it a very ‘real’ story and it’s about two wonderful sisters and in which many people in our school would be able to relate to. It gives the readers an insight on what the Author is really trying to pursue, it fitted in really well with the numerous activities available and allowed you to expand your imagination to create a wonderful presentation, and that is what I loved about this year’s Lit Circles!!!

Week Four: Discussion Director

If you had to write another chapter at the end of the book, what would happen?

Did you like the ending, why or why not?

Did you think Nick and Ted would end up together? What made you think this?

Do you have a favourite character or character’s?

In three words how would you describe this book?

Do think Ted should have walked out on Modelling all together?

Week three: Reflection

I honestly don’t know how Ted and Ava go through each day, without breaking down completely nor get stressed and annoyed nor… giving up.  The last 11 chapters of ‘The Look’  expressed the strength and perseverance Ted and Ava have, to continue positively through the highs and lows of cancer, modelling and family troubles. This has really inspired me to continue and not to give up when I might think it isn’t worth it, this has pushed me to be strong and thrive on the positive thoughts and memories in my life.

Ted is possibly the most selfless person I have ever read about, she would so anything to make her sister or her mother’s life less stressful, worrying and negative. The fact that Ted simply wanted to make sure Ava didn’t feel alone when, she had do something she dreading from the start of her treatment, made me think of how much she thinks about her close ones, more than herself.

In a book, characters develop into the hero, kind, strong person they are in the last page. In The Look, nearly each character has developed in only 33 chapters, into a completely different person than the first few sentences. Ted, however, I feel has developed the most. Positively thinking about herself better and not caring who, what and where she may be when she may fall over or make a fool of her self. Xena, makes Ted feel inferior, brave, cool and NORMAL, although Ted has always been this and more, Xena makes her reveal the confident side that she has bee hiding for so many years. Sophia Bennett has expressed this, when she has made the readers feel as though we are in Ted’s shoes, feeling her emotions and choosing, in some way, Ted’s next move.

This set of chapters has left me with so many unanswered questions, new thoughts and new perspectives on both the characters, the story and the ENDING!! I can’t wait to finish The Look and find out how Ava’s treatment works out, if Ted continues modelling and how the book ends altogether!! I just can’t wait!!!


Week three: Investigator


Before the 1800’s modeling was a term used to describe someone posing for a portrait, this was the early form of modeling before the camera and photos were invented. In the 1850’s Charles Frederick Worth had his wife, Marie Augustine Vernet, model his designs. Marie was then known as the first fashion model in the 1800’s as well as fashion in general. Worth and his wife continued to produce outfits, starting their own fashion label, beginning the fashion industry. Through this label modeling was know a profession and with the invention of camera’s and fashion photos, the industry became very popular.

In 1946, Ford modeling, produced by Eileen and Gerard Ford, was known as the most prestigious modeling label in the world and in which opened many doors for careers in modeling becoming a reality. 1960’s was the time where many new and successful modeling industries were formed making modeling a world known profession, London was then and still is known as a very popular fashion hub by producing many popular models during its time.

The 1970’s and 80’s brought a new era to the modeling industry, introducing modeling competitions, starting with the Ford Supermodel of the World Competition was held to discover new faces from around the world. This era also included better wages and working conditions for the models making modeling a very established profession and made many professional models famous and rich.

1990’s was the decade known as the ‘supermodel’, developing some of the best models of all time and saw many popular fashion labels such as Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated rise in the industry and producing some very famous new models.

The 2000’s as brought a whole new side to modern modeling, changing the way people look and hear about models throughout our society. Social Media has boosted many model’s profiles and making them very popular to famous labels and houses. Our world of fashion is constantly evolving each day and shaping the industry for the future.

-Elizabeth Taylor:  “Her Elizabeth Taylor eyes shine through” Ava is constantly related to the famous Elizabeth Taylor, who was known for her violet eyes and outstanding look. Elizabeth Taylor was English actress and was very popular from a young child at the age of 12. She was involved in many popular movies and is now known for her violet eyes and amazing acting abilities.

-Charlotte Olympia: “Even if she’s wearing what I strongly suspect are next-season Charlotte Olympia platforms” Charlotte Olympia is a British luxury shoe brand and accessories founded by Charlotte Olympia Dellal in 2008. This brand is known for it’s outstanding shoe designs and amazing clutches.

-Linda Evangelista: “Linda Evangelista didn’t get out of bed for less than ten thousand dollars a day” This was said when Ted was questioning her commitment to modelling and Ava was thinking about the pay she would receive. Linda Evangelista is a famous Canadian model and is known as one of the most accomplished and influential models of all time. She has appeared on more than 700 magazine covers and making multiple appearances in the Vogue Italia and many other famous magazines.

-Zac Posen: “Ralph Lauren, Zac Posen…” This is another go-see Ted is offered, and is still not sure if she is fully committed Zac Posen is an American fashion designer. He is known for his young talent in the fashion industry and became very popular for making a gown for Naomi Campbell.

-Proenza Schouler: “Ralph Lauren, Zac Posen, Proenza Schouler…” Another Fashion label that Ted was offered to have a go-see for. Proenza Schouler is a New York based fashion label that was founded by Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez, who named their label after their mother’s’ maiden names

-Vera Wang: “Ralph Lauren, Zac Posen, Proenza Schouler and Vera Wang” Another fashion designer Ted was asked to have a go-see with. Vera Wang is an american fashion designer based in New York City. She produces wedding dresses, homewares, makeup and fragrances.


Week Two: Reflection

The last twelve chapters of The Look have provided nothing less than a wonderful heartfelt story about two wonderful sisters as well as a bit of lipstick, some photos and 4 stages of chemotherapy. So far, the book has had me on the edge of the seat from page one and in which gives me the excitement to read on. Ted and Ava are possibly the sweetest sisters I have ever met. Throughout the whole book, they have persevered through unimaginable circumstances and have been there for each other every step of the way. All of these sequences of the book have made me think about the small acts of kindness people do for me when I might be feeling down or simply to help. Ted and Ava did so much for each other in the last 12 chapters but I still wonder how large Ava’s cancer has impacted on her so far and if, stronger symptoms are yet to come, if this will impact on how she will see and treat the people around her, including Ted.

The style in which the Author has written the book has given me such a connection to the Ted and her life, making me want to find out more about her modelling experiences and Ava’s journey through life’s toughest moments. Sophia Bennett has made this book such an exciting and intriguing read making it very hard to stop at the selected points. I have felt a part of Ted’s journey all along , being there and witnessing her life unfold has kept me wanting to read more.

When I chose this book, I expected it to be a book about two perfect girls going through a life of modelling and photo-shoots but in reality, The Look is far more than posing for photos, it has been a deep story with a meaningful message pursued throughout the book.  It has given me a sweet and intriguing read and has provided inspiration, wonder and excitement throughout the pages. To be quite honest, I am not entirely sure what will happen in the next few chapters, I feel as though Ava will start to feel the treatment much more than the previous weeks but I am still not sure if Ted is fully committed to life at home, away from modelling.

I just can’t wait to read the next 11 chapters of The Look, It has been such an fascinating story so far and I still so many un-answered questions, and I’m not sure what’s going to happen next!! Well there is only one thing I can do… and that is to find out!!

Week one: Reflection

Excitement, Shock and Empathy are three of the many emotions I felt through the first 10 chapters of ‘The Look’. The excitement started in the first 2 pages, busking on the streets and making no more than two starburst wrappers, a piece of chewing gum and a parking ticket. Ted is the tall, skinny main character throughout the book with her older sister Ava. They both live normal teenage lives until a shockwave overcomes the family when Ava is diagnosed with cancer. This sequence of events made me feel a strong sorrow for the family, and empathy towards those families and survivors which who have been effected by cancer.

When reading each chapter, the story developed even more, giving us more to think about, wonder and hope in the next few pages.  Throughout the chapters I wondered many questions and answers were given but I still wonder what ‘lymphoma’ is and what can cause the diagnosis?  Where Ted’s photo’s will published? And why Daisy is so against modelling even if one of her best friends is a model? ‘The Look’ is so far has given me never ending thoughts on how the story is going to fold out in the following chapters, and this makes me want to read on!!!

In the next few chapters I believe that Ted is going to keep on modelling and arrive at photo-shoot with Ava. I not quite sure if she will be telling her parents what is going on and I don’t know if they will find out before it’s too late to have any influence on Ted’s decision. By the end of the next 10 chapters I think that Ted will have developed and published at least one photo in a magazine but I feel as though her parent will find out some time.

‘The Look’ so far has been a wonderful story and has given me such an inspiration to continue producing optimism and positivity throughout my life no matter what the occasion. I have loved every page so far and can not wait for the next few chapters, if these first 10 chapters are so good, I can’t imagine how the rest of the book is going to be!!

Week one: Dear Aggie

Dear Aggie,

Imagine two sisters, the older sister with long dark hair, big violet eyes and with a gorgeous film-star appearance. Then imagine the younger sister with a bushy unibrow, long gangly legs and her hair looking like a bird’s nest, well this was my life, walking behind my older sister looking absolutely ridiculous. Well, it was, until my sister was diagnosed with cancer. This turned my whole life upside down and no matter how hard I try to understand everything, it all seems to get even more confusing! This whole experience just makes me feel as though I needed to do whatever I could to make her happy, even if that meant making a fool of myself on the catwalk. This crazy part of my life started weeks ago, when someone from a modelling agency questioned me about becoming a model, as shocked as I was, my sister encouraged me to visit them and ask about modelling. The only problem is, I am the last person you would choose to become a model and all I can think about is how bad the photos will be and how everyone at school will tease me all year about… EVERYTHING! Why did this have to happen to me??? My life was bad enough with my gangly appearance anyway, why did I have to show it to the world??? I feel as though I should just quit and tell them I wasn’t ready for such a commitment… but then I don’t want to let my sister down, who needs something to think about other than the next doctor’s appointment. What do I do???



Dear Ted,

I am so sorry about your older sister, I do hope that she is OK. As for you, I believe that anyone can be beautiful and it isn’t all about looks. What you did for your sister was truly wonderful and I think that no matter if you are a model or not I think that you would make your sister very happy. You mentioned in your letter that kids at school tease you because of you looks, now, no one has the right to treat others with disrespect and as long as you have friends and family none of their harsh comments mean anything, only the kind and caring compliments from friends and family are the ones that count the most.

Modelling is an amazing career and to have been chosen from one of the Modelling agency is such an exciting offer! Your unique and fabulous looks must have been the reason you were singled out… meaning that you are beautiful! No matter how you may see yourself in the mirror you must know that you have unique beauty and that no one can say anything about you. If it was me, I would continue to model, meaning that you would please your sister and experience something you have never done before, developing confidence in your qualities and self esteem.

Remember to always be proud of you are and to not be ashamed who you aren’t.




Hi Everyone!!! Welcome to my new blog, I have created this website based on a book that I am reading called ‘The Look’ by Sophia Bennett. This book is all about two sisters, imagine the older sister with long dark hair, big violet eyes and with a gorgeous film-star appearance. Then imagine the younger sister with a bushy uni-brow, long gangly legs and her hair looking like a bird’s nest, this is Ted’s opinion on her life following in her sister’s footsteps looking like neither glamorous or…. normal! Ted is forced to overcome many hurdles in her life and learns more about herself than ever before. ‘The Look’ Includes sisterly love, confidence, challenges and most of all photo shoots!!!